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To be able to jump out at 4000m / 13123 feet from one of Swedens most fastest and modern skydive airplanes, to experience the freedome among the clouds together with fellow skydivers and friends, jump from hot-air baloon or master the skills to become a wingsuit pilot.


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Together with our experienced instructors we have educated and trained skydivers for over 40 years 

With us you can train and get a parachute certificate to be able to jump on your own both within Sweden and also internationally.
We have trained many successful skydivers throughout the years, ranging from world record holders in large formations to Swedish champions.
We offer the latest form of training in the parachute world, AFF – Accelerated Free Fall.

All training and jumping is conducted with a 100 percent focus on safety while allowing you to enjoy the experience of free falling.

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*Fees for extra educational jumps in case of failed jumps are added.

About our course


The courses we teach are called Accelerated FreeFall, abbreviated AFF, and are laid out according to the Swedish Parachute Association’s (SFF) instructions and are led by experienced instructors who ensure that you are well prepared for your first jump.

The basic course is usually held over four days. During these four days, we go through jumping from airplanes, mental preparedness training, free fall theory, flying and landing the parachute, packing the parachute and emergency procedures such as deploying the reserve parachute.

Once you have completed these four course days, passed the theory exam and have passed a medical examination, you can start making your first jump. When these jumps will take place you decide for yourself. In consultation with your parachute instructor you can decide in which pace you want to continue your training.

The first three jump levels of one’s training are done with two free fall instructors who will assist you and can give direct feedback in the air via signs. The subsequent four levels of jumping will take place only with one instructor. The course ends with three solo jumps.

Each jump level contains certain specific moments that you must complete in order to advance to the next level. After pulling your parachute, you get to practice steering and finding the right landing surface. The student will carry a communication radio  in order to recieve instructions during the landing procedure.

During the AFF course, you jump from about 4,000 meters / 13200ft, which gives you a free fall of almost a minute before you pull your parachute.

When you are fully approved and ready, you are a fully licensed skydiver and can skydive at dropzones all over the world. You can also further train to become an instructor, wingsuit pilot, tandem pilot, compete, etc. (according to SFF regulations)

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