Welcome to Skydive Syd – Scania’s skydiving center, located in Eslöv with a unique view of Scania’s enchanting landscape and west coast. For over forty years we have been pioneers in skydiving in Scania and can proudly say that we are the leading experts in tandem skydiving in Scania.

We who jump with you are a synchronized team formed over many years together in the air. We are driven to show new people our fantastic sport and be able to provide the best possible experience for you and your party!

From our central location in Eslöv, we are easily accessible with 20 minutes from Malmö, 15 minutes from Lund, 45 minutes from Helsingborg, 50 minutes from Copenhagen and Ystad. Experience the best of skydiving in Scania with us at Skydive Syd!

Come and skydive with us in Eslöv!

Prices 2024


Youth 12-18 years


Adult 18+ years


Who are we?

Our team consists of skilled skydivers who have developed their expertise through years of intensive training. Thanks to our skilled pilots and our state-of-the-art Cessna 208B Grand Caravan, equipped with a new Blackhawk Aerospace turbine engine – the fastest skydiving aircraft in Sweden – we offer everything from sport jumps to tandem jumps and professional demonstrations. Our jumpers are recognized competition winners at both national and international level, which guarantees a high-class experience.

With us, you can jump tandem and enjoy the adrenaline-filled feeling while you enjoy the magnificent view of Scania’s landscape. We are passionate about introducing new adventure seekers to our exciting sport and strive to give you and your party the most memorable adventure experience.

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ATTENTION! Only tandem jumps bought here from us are performed in Eslöv, we have no cooperation with companies that sell experiences.

Opening hours

Monday – Friday: Contact us!
Saturday – Sunday: 09:00 – 17:00

Our opening hours depend on the weather, but in general we jump in season every weekend and one weekday a week. The season is usually between April and November.

For current information, contact us or stay updated on our social media!

How a tandem jump works!

After you have purchased your jump or gift card, you will receive information via e-mail from your booking contact. As soon as you are ready for the experience of a lifetime, contact us and we will book you in!


Preparation and safety first

When you come to our skydiving club, you sign up in the manifest and are introduced to your instructor (and photographer). The instructor will first go over everything you need to know before your jump and make sure you feel safe and comfortable. You will then be given a harness to wear and a helmet and goggles. Since landing is usually done sitting down, we have overalls that you can use.


The trip up

Soon it’s time to board the plane, our modern Grand Caravan with the powerful Blackhawk engine from 2020. During the nice flight up to the exit altitude – about 4000 meters, you and your instructor are strapped together in a special harness.


The free fall

When the light starts to glow red, it’s time to put on the glasses, the plane is now approaching the starting point. When the lamp lights up yellow, the door opens. When it’s your turn, you and your instructor go down to the door and sit with your legs over the edge. If you choose film, you will be able to see the photographer hanging outside the plane. the instructor and you jump from the plane and you will surely feel the amazing feeling of free fall. The free fall lasts up to 60 seconds!


The quiet descent

When the parachute opens you will be able to talk to your instructor again, the trip is calm and the view is magical. You land on the grass in front of the hangars and can greet your loved ones with a big smile on your face!


Do you want to experience the excitement and adrenaline of a tandem jump?
Book your place with us today and let us give you an unforgettable experience!


If you want to be able to share the experience of a lifetime, we recommend adding a cameraman to film the jump.

Then another jumper will accompany you during the jump, the videographer will have his own parachute and film you in free fall and on landing. You will then receive an edited movie to your email within 7 days!

See examples of how your film can look here!

Booking and payment

Gift card – Give someone a tandem jump as a gift

When ordering gift cards, an order confirmation is sent to the e-mail address you have specified. When the payment has been completed, a payment confirmation is sent to the same email address and shortly after the gift card.

Tandem jump

When ordering tandem jumps, an order confirmation is sent to the e-mail address you have specified and when the payment has been completed, a payment confirmation is sent to the same e-mail address.

Avalibe slots

With our large jump capacity (on average 250 jumps per jump day) we always have space and you don’t need to book a specific time. 


Where is Skydive South located?

Skydive Syd is centrally located in Eslöv in the heart of Scania. We jump from Sweden’s most modern jump plane, the Cessna 208 Grand Caravan, which has room for up to 18 jumpers.

How much does a tandem jump cost?

A tandem jump costs SEK 3,395 for adults. For children between 12-18 years, it currently costs SEK 2,990.


How do I book a jump?

To book a jump, you must provide the following information:
Jumper’s name
Jumper’s weight and height (approximate)
Your phone number


Can I buy a gift card?

Yes, you can buy gift cards here on Skydive Syd’s website:

The gift card is valid for 1 year from the date of purchase. We have no collaborations with companies that sell experiences.


What is included in the price?

The price includes the tandem jump itself. You can also add recordings of the jump for SEK 1,350.


Are there any restrictions?

Yes, there are some limitations:
Length: 140-200 cm*
Weight: Max 100 kg*
Age: At least 12 years. A goalkeeper must be present if the jumper is under 18 years of age
Health: You must be fully healthy and sober

*If you are taller than 2m or heavier than 100 kg, contact the tandem manager.


How do I get there?

Follow the signs to Skydive Syd on Flygfältsvägen 35 in Eslöv. Park at the far end of the airfield, not at the first hangar belonging to the flying club.


What should I bring?

Bring comfortable clothes, gym shoes and a good mood! You are not allowed to bring your own camera, but you can purchase recordings of the jump.


How long will it take?

Expect your visit to take approximately 1-2 hours from arrival to completion.


Hope this answers your questions!
You are welcome to contact us if you have any other questions.

Less than 1 hour from Copenhagen!


Eslövs flygfält
241 30 Eslöv

Contact us

Johnny Olsson
+46 705 459 214

Opening hours

Mon– Fri, 8:00 – 21:00
Sat – Sun, 8:00 – 18:00